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Condensing Units

Air Cooled

A new generation of air-cooled condensing units with semi-hermetic ECOLINE compressors

The implementation of the ERP directive affects tougher requirements on fans from 2015 on, and on condensing units from 2016 on. The new BITZER air – cooled “LHE” units meet all these criteria and convince due to optimized combination of fans and condenser.They succeed the predecessor models with the same interface dimensions which are therefor easy to exchange.They are available as modular construction in several extension levels and with single or tandem compressors.

The new generation of ECOSTAR condensing units

The implementation of hte ERP directive affects tougher requirments on fans from 2015 on and on condensing units from 2016 on. The new ECOSTAR Unit meets all these criteria.The cooling capacity may perfectly be adapted to the requirements by a speed regulated compressor and fans.The complete equipments permits a quick and easy on-site setup without complex installations of additional components.

Water Cooled

Water cooled condensing units with semi-hermetic ECOLINE compressors

An optimum matching unit programme with the efficient and robust BITZER compressors as well as highly efficient shell and tube condensers of the K-3 series.


Pressure Vessels

Liquid receivers

Approval according to the EC Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC

Oil Separators


Rack Systems

Multiple Semi-hermetic or Open drive screw compressors.

The proven series of HS & OS screw compressors from BITZER.The package displacement ranges from 168 to 2460 m3/h (50 Hz).

Multiple Semi-hermetic compressors

The proven series is based on the range of BITZER 2,4 & 6 cylinder Ecoline Semi-hermetic compressors.The package displacement is ranging from 26,8 to 606, 4 m3/h and of Horse Power (HP) from 4 to 200 HP. Customized versions are available on request.


Reciprocating Compressors


Screw Compressors


Water Cooled Condensers

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